• Figurine Conversion: Monsters are our Speciality!
    So many figurine manufacturers produce awesome monsters - ready for painting, photographing, and conversion to an illustration.

  • So What Doesn't Work?
    Anything that is hand-drawn doesn't convert well in our process. For the same reasons photographs of anime figurines don't convert well.

  • Figurine Conversion: Character Portraits are our Speciality!
    Whether you are a Gamer, a Referee, or a would-be Indie Publisher character portraits are going to be your most often used illustrations.

  • Oh the Carnage!!
    Not every game session ends well for the players - no, sometimes the game master wins!!

  • CGI Conversion: Setting the Scene
    While illustrations of scenes aren't always shown to the players they are very useful for conveying mood to the referee.

  • CGI Conversion: Landscapes
    There is no better way to convey to the players the wonderous vistas that their characters behold than by showing them an illustration.

  • CGI Conversion: Architecture Illustrations
    From the smallest outhouse to the largest castle our Architecture Gallery contains a wide variety of building illustrations ready for use.

  • CGI Conversion: SciFi Vehicles
    A photograph of a piece of miniature scenery can become the perfect illustration for your next project.

  • CGI Conversion: Aeroplanes
    Vehicles of the imagination take form in CGI.

  • CGI Conversion: SciFi
    You can almost hear the drone of the engines and the murmurs of excitement from the passengers waiting on the dock...

  • CGI Conversion: Warplanes
    The great advantage CGI has over photographs is that you can render the physically impossible but you can't build it.

  • CGI Conversion: Portraits
    Scenes so familiar recreated in CGI make excellent illustrations.

  • Figurine Conversion: Scene Setting
    CGI characters can change pose at the click of a button - making them an excellent choice for portrait conversion.

  • Figurine Conversion: Encounters
    You can convert photographs of dioramas into illustrations. Most of our Individual Illustrations utilise this process.

  • Figurine Conversion: Large Figurines
    Large figurines are easier to paint and easier to photograph - which usually results in a better illustration.

  • Figurine Conversion: Vehicles
    Vehicles often make excellent illustrations...

  • Woohoo Libby!
    It would be ungentlemanly to not enjoy painting Libby in all her poses...

  • Figurine Conversion: Vignette
    A single figure scene makes for an evocative illustration.

  • Figurine Conversion: NFL Memories
    Fantasy Football needs the odd illustration too...

  • Figurine Conversion: Heroes Cry Out For An Evocative Illustration
    Every gamer wants a great illustration of their beloved character carefully developed over weeks, months, even years of gaming...

  • Figurine Conversion: Monsters are People Too!
    OK, not really, that's why they're monsters - but they do deserve evocative illustrations!

  • So How Does It Work?!?
    We convert photographs and photorealistic images into illustrations. Here is an example of a figurine photo converted into an illustration.

  • Photograph Conversion: It Isn't Just About Macro Photography!
    We can convert stock photographs into illustrations.

  • Photograph Conversion: Portraits
    Portrait photography is a great way of sourcing new faces for character illustrations.

  • Figurine Conversion: Action Poses
    Illustrations of characters in dynamic poses convey a sense of urgency...

  • Figurine Conversion: Freehand Drawing
    The more detail on a figurine the greater the skill of the painter - and the better the resulting illustration.

  • Figurine Conversion: Multiple Angles
    You can photograph a figurine from multiple angles in order to create a variety of illustrations.

  • Contrast!!
    The magic in our process relies on contrast. We often tweak the photograph so that it looks terrible but converts nicely into an illustrtion.

  • Figurine Conversion: Come in Number 7 Your Time is UP!!
    Who better to watch over a small flotilla of paddle boats?!

  • Figurine Conversion: Vehicles
    Models of vehicles are easy to photograph and make for nice illustrations.

  • Figurine Conversion: Just Because I Have Wings...
    ... doesn't mean I'm a monster. The fact that I AM a monster is just a coincidence. Nothing to do with the leathery wings...